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The podcast that takes a deep dive into leadership, exploring the quest for success despite obstacles, adversity or odds.



Susie Moore is a Miami-based life coach and author. She's been featured on the Today show, Refinery29, Forbes, and more. Order her new book, Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life, on Amazon

Susie and I chat about her journey to success whilst having no further education after high school, no qualifications, no journalism experience. By combining what she learned as a Sales Director in Silicon Valley, the 500+ books she has read, managing her mind and finding life's little hacks here and there, Susie has not only created a very successful online coaching business, she is a credible contributor to over 300+ publications and an author. Plus, she is just a lovely person.


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In this episode I talk to Luke about his time as (what he calls) a journeyman pro cricketer, we discuss his absolute obsession with the need to succeed, leading his team in Derbyshire as their new captain and his battle with extremes working hard to be the best and playing hard with excessive drinking which ultimately landed him in the priory.


Now a business owner and sports agent of Activate Management he talks about his passion to help young stars, not only succeed but works to give them a support platform before they spiral into the same type of experiences he faced.

In November 2019, Luke released his raw and very honest autobiography ‘Back from the Edge’. I high recommend it for anyone finding themselves suffering in silence, you are not alone, there is a way out. 

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