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Unstoppable You


Are you constantly feeling like you’re being pulled in a million different directions and you’re unsure which one is actually the direction you want to be going in?

Do you feel as if you spend most of your time spinning your wheels but not actually going anywhere?

Are you setting goals that you THINK you should want, but in reality you’re not sure what it is that you really want?

Do you spend your days staring at a blank screen thinking about how you need to do something but you’re not actually sure what that something is?

Have you invested in all the courses and have every single strategy under the sun but still find yourself unable to really move forward?

Are you feeling lost, confused and demotivated because you just don’t know what it is that you want, where it is you’re really trying to get to or what you should spend your time focusing on?

Do you find your mind constantly busy with thoughts of all the different things you’d love to do but you can’t quite fit the pieces together in a way that means you take action?

Have you lost your passion and drive for your business, even though you do actually love it, right now you’ve lost that passion and you may even be considering giving up?

If Yes, then you're in the right place! Keep reading.

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“Just take one step”

That’s what everyone says, right? You only need to take one step, you don’t need to see the whole path ahead. Which is true, but what if you don’t know what that first step is?

What if you don’t even know what direction that first step should be in?

You could keep trying every single day to take that first step and you’ll still stay exactly where you are. Because your lack of clarity is blocking that first step from even happening.

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Clarity is an underrated element of business and life in general.
Clarity is a core part of confidence. It’s a core fuel for motivation, it’s one of the largest aspects of passion. Without clarity all of those things that you use to drive you forward in business or have you feeling free in life in general, doesn’t happen. 

Which is why you are where you are currently. 

The world spins, the time ticks by everyday and you feel frozen.

Frozen in one place, stuck, unsure where to turn, what to do, where to look anymore.

That’s why you’re in the right place, I’m going to help you unlock the clarity that’s keeping you frozen and get you on the path to taking those first steps forward! 




Unstoppable You

This intensive isn’t about spending hours watching modules and working through workbooks, answering the same questions you’ve already asked yourself a gazillion times already.

This intensive is about me opening you up, seeing what you haven’t been able to see, helping you unlock the desires, thoughts, passions, that you’ve kept hidden from yourself for so long and finally it’s about actually mapping out a path forward. 

Imagine if you didn’t wake up every morning facing another day full of confusion.

Imagine if you didn’t spend another day questioning whether you were in the right space or doing the right things.

Imagine never setting another goal that didn’t actually light you up and it be what YOU wanted.

Imagine ending your days feeling as if you’ve been productive, actually getting things done and moving forward every single day.

Imagine re-discovering the passion and love for what you do and your life as a whole.

Imagine feeling free, happy, confident and calm.

That’s exactly what we’re going to unlock, together, in this intensive!

"I can honestly say I got more out of working with Serena in a few hours than I did in months working with a big-name business coach."



Unstoppable You

A 4 hour one to one container generating clarity and confidence as you embrace the very next step towards your dream life.

Working with me you will encounter a spectrum of modalities including Positive Psychology, Coaching Mastery and Breathwork; with each session created bespoke to your needs.

From looking at the current landscape of your life, to unpacking your deepest desires, we explore what holding you back and together not only BLOW-UP those barriers but enforce a strategic pathway forward that makes a life altering change to what you truly desire.

The Unstoppable You Clarity Intensive is about YOU, just YOU. It's your time now. it is what you deserve. I wholeheartedly mean that!

Let’s be honest, you’ve tried this on your own and you’ve tried the courses with the workbooks that have you answering a million questions, you’ve probably even tried those “Discover Your Values & Purpose” quizzes. You’ve tried getting clarity by using your own head and it’s left you spinning your wheels unsure of where to turn next.

That’s where the clarity intensive comes in, it isn’t about you working to discover your clarity on your own. It isn’t about filling in workbooks and quizzes. It’s about YOU being seen, opening up, having space, being heard.

Are you ready for crystal clear clarity that has you moving forwards in ways that you never thought possible?

Are you ready to truly unlock the success and life you desire?

Are you ready to feel lit up and excited by life and business again?


Are you done with the hamster wheel cycle you currently repeat every single day?


If YES then maybe it’s time you jumped in and pressed play on your life today! 

"I'm used to business coaches trying to force you into the whole model and method that worked for them, but Serena identified the one next step that made sense for ME in MY business with MY values and desires and needs and experiences."
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