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"I can honestly say I got more out of working with Serena in a few hours than I did in months working with a big-name business coach.  I have been 99.9% ready to launch my business for a long time.  During the clarity session, Serena laid out a very simple path forward giving me clients in a few days and a way of seeing my business that feels much more authentic and aligned – something I am excited about and no longer overwhelmed by."
"I feel like I have taken a clarity tablet.
I have been stuck, not meaning to get in my own way for years now. I often took courses to deflect and spent a lot of time blaming myself and my circumstances for lack of results in my business. Working with Serena instantly changed everything for me. It wasn't an easy ride for me but with each barrier I had created for myself Serena dove in, shone a light into sabotaging thinking and behaviour and rapidly we started to dissolve them one at a time. I have more clarity now since working with Serena than I ever had in my business and the results in my business are showing. You can tell unlike so many other coaches Serena's coaching is bespoke to the individual. I felt heard and listened to; Serena is firm but her empathy makes my journey feel like I have a partner in all this. If you are feeling frustrated with the lack of progress in your business get in with Serena fast!"
"Serena is clearly very knowledgeable and skilled in the work she does. She is passionate and enthusiastic, but also grounding. My experience working with her was amazing. She helped me get very clear on the work I do and next steps to take. I was surprised how quickly it all came together and how simple it really was. This is some work I've been circling around for literally years, and Serena helped me see it in a new and exciting way that feels full of possibility. Thank you Serena!!"
"Working with Serena was exactly what I needed. I felt like I was in good hands - plenty of room to explore, with quick and direct interventions in spots where I was hung up. It felt safe to face things I've easily talked around and avoided with other coaches. Having the time and structure to explore not just what was going wrong, but all the ways things will go right was a luxury. I enjoyed the whole experience."
"With coaching from Serena, I was able to walk away with clarity of next steps, a better understanding of me & how I'm wired, a plan for barriers, actionable steps, and more tools for more tool belt.  Serena was able to listen with empathy while still asking direct questions & pinpointing some things I've wrestled with the past couple of years.  In fact, my lightbulb moment was about what lights me up and I'm grateful she was able to peel back layers and cobwebs to see what I couldn't see.  I enjoyed that she incorporates various strategies & modalities from her training and experiences.  I don't often highly recommend coaches, but I highly recommend Serena!
"Working with Serena was one of the most precious gifts I've experienced on my journey of personal growth.  The space she created was immense and so very safe, I would even call it sacred.  I opened up to blocks that I had worked on before but was unaware that there were important pieces still in my way. Now I'm much more clear.  My path is incredibly easier, now.  If you've got work you're meant to do yet something is blocking you, I don't hesitate to recommend Serena.  Not only would you be in very very good hands...but just to listen to her amazingly beautiful voice is a gift in itself."​
"Serena really listened to me and what I was looking for. I felt understood as she gently guided me throughout the process. I'm used to business coaches trying to force you into the whole model and method that worked for them, but she identified the one next step that made sense for ME in MY business with MY values and desires and needs and experiences. I left feeling like I had a clear direction to work in instead of another confusing set of someone else's values to assess. She was able to keep me in a relaxed, creative, and productive space throughout the session. She treated me like the accomplished businesswoman I want to be with her curiosity and attention. I felt so much dignity and worthiness working with her, and that experience gave me a taste of (and for!) what I can create for myself. I felt seen as a whole person and left with purpose and clarity."
"I'm so happy I chose to work with Serena. I had hit a plateau in my business and was stuck at what to do next—now I'm growing so quickly. She helped me get focused again on growth and trying new things. I love Serena's no-nonsense approach—she calls me on my sh*t and doesn't just talk about "feelings" like some coaches do. She's super-practical and fun too!"
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