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If you're sick of unfulfilled promises to yourself and want to start making some serious headway both in your business and life in 2023 then


is the programme for you!

  • You have invested much of your time and money into your business and you are just not seeing the results you imagined.

  • You have taken risks by not following a conventional life.

  • You are frustrated with yourself because you know you have so much more to give but can't seem to break the barrier to share to the world your full potential

  • You see the people around you reach their goals, you're happy for them but it often magnetises to you your slow progress.

  • You are spending more time in areas of the business you don't particularly enjoy, like marketing.

  • Often you find yourself losing the hope and the love for what you.

  • You are at the point you thought you would never be and wonder if it is easier to go back to corporate - a guaranteed income would be really welcome right now. 

"I like to think that I understand you. Why? Because I really have been where you are right now... any of the below sound familiar?"

What Soulfully Unstoppable You will open you up to...

  • Purpose, excited to get started every single day. 

  • Doing the work that feels easier because it is aligned.

  • Attracting opportunities

  • Having more of your own quality time 

    • With family

    • Going on holiday

    • Loved ones

  • Not feeling guilty for carving out time for self care frequently (mind and body)

  • Spending more time deepening your craft and being able to share it with the world.

  • Attract more money. Embracing financial freedom. Having the ability to know your value and confidently ask for it 

  • Self Confidence. Having full trust in the your ability to know the steps you are taking are the right ones for you and not inline with someone else's formula.

  • Being able to talk with total clarity and passion about your stories, knowing you have the ability to help others in your own unique way.


"I will teach you how to break free from the curse that keeps you from making the progress you have always deserved in this life"


This is a Beta Programme for a maximum of 10 applicants. This one time offer includes: 

  • 8 week programme

  • Pre-recorded modules drop each week on a Monday

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions

  • Bonus Material: Mind Management Mastery, Self discovery through the basics of Human Design and so much more




"If change is non-negotiable & you are looking to..."

Understand your true calling for this lifetime

Discover freedom through limitless financial abundance

Build boundless confidence to pursue your goals & dreams

Embrace total fulfilment leading to ease and flow in all areas of your life

Denita Bremer 

“My experience working with Serena was amazing.."

Amber McNamee

"I have more clarity now since working with Serena than I ever had in my business and the results in my business are showing."

Natalie Wilson

“ I don't often highly recommend coaches, but I highly recommend Serena!.”
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