My Dad Thinks I'm A Fairy

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Inspirational stories from misunderstood entrepreneurs who took the leap to follow their dreams.

And boy, are these women inspirational.

For years, I have been passionately compelled to share my story, the worry, the doubt, the loneliness, the high’s, the realities of changing the trajectory of the path that you feel has been laid out before you for years, decades even.

Pulling yourself out of the structured conditioning of what a career should look like and the patterns around the rest of your life that follow that formation.

As I have come through the other side and work in a world that I love and have so much passion about I have realised I was never alone, that countless others have their stories of uncertainty and change that led them on a path that is now creating a life fullfilled.


This is a book about hope first and foremost – I want you to know you are not alone.