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I work with new and struggling coaches

  •  Are you thinking about turning on Netflix because the thought of what to do next in your business is completely overwhelming?  

  • Maybe you are sitting at your desk flicking through social media, comparing your progress to others?

  • Do you sometimes feel paralysed by your business and don’t take the action necessary to get your next client? 

  • Does every little ping or ring on your phone become a welcome distraction to avoid doing the work? 

  • How many times are you hesitating to connect with your audience because you wonder if you are the right person to do so?

If any of the above resonates with you, then I imagine you may also lie awake at night wondering if you're cut out to be your own boss? Most likely you're keeping most of your worries and concerns to yourself whilst putting on a positive outlook for othersThis is just not turning out to be the freedom lifestyle you imagined for yourself.



Do you know how relatable you are right now?

I am here to tell you that this is completely solvable with the

 "FIRST 50K' programme.

Let me tell you how now.

First 50k Progremme

  • Accountability: to get the work done

  • Structure: to focus and plan 

  • Confidence: to make you want to work with you

The 'FIRST 50K' Programme

First 50k Progremme


No two businesses are alike. It doesn't matter if the niche is the same; the key difference in every business is the individual running it. YOU! 

FIRST 50K is a programme tailored to YOU! 

FIRST 50K is a FIVE step programme running over a FIVE month period designed to give you the absolute grounding and backbone you need to generate your FIRST 50K plus.

However, the coaching, support and strategy will be bespoke to your needs and your relative business position. 

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"“I cannot recommend Serena enough. She has helped me in so many areas of my business. Through her coaching, I have momentum in my business, my confidence has grown and fundamentally my business has increased in sales and am now about to hit to my first 50K. I have put in the hard work but with her mentorship, accountability, coaching and the strategy laid out in her First 50K program I am equipped and know I have the tools to hit that 50K and go beyond. I am so exited by what the future holds. I can tell Serena really cares about her clients, and I appreciated her following-up with me. I am so grateful I found Serena.”"

Amber M, Connection Coach

​Amber M, Connection Coach
Christine K, Clutter Expert, Gaining Space

"I'm so happy I chose to work with Serena. I had hit a plateau in my business and was stuck at what to do next—now I'm growing so quickly. She helped me get focused again on growth and trying new things. I love Serena's no-nonsense approach—she calls me on my sh*t and doesn't just talk about "feelings" like some coaches do. She's super-practical and fun too!"

Christine K, Clutter Expert, Gaining Space

“As a Coach, Serena is completely approachable and smart, funny and caring.  In her First 50K program she knows what she’s talking about. I have been helped too many times to count with her insightful coaching. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling in their business who wants a great coach and brilliant program, who is ready to make amazing changes in their business and life. I’m truly grateful for Serena, the First 50K program and the coaching I have received from her.”

Gail C, Life Coach

Gail C, Life Coach