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  • Business not making the money you imagined? 

  • Overwhelmed with your workload and struggle to see a clear path forward? 

  • Are you blocked and confused working out your next steps?

  • Do you find yourself increasingly doubting you ability to succeed? 

  • And is that image of a more balanced and flexible lifestyle fading? 

If this resonates with you, I hear you and I feel your pain.

The good news is you are here and there is a solution.

My name is Serena Dodd and I too have been there, gone through the pain,

found proven solutions and now can help you do the same. 

I want to help you not to just exist in business but succeed as a leader.

That is what I do.


Working with me you will:

REGULATE your prioritises to focus your attention on your key goals. We will work to GROW your confidence and mindset to EVOLVE your business. And we will BUILD structure into your business and daily routine to get you working efficiently, ultimately gaining you more clients and increasing sales.

Transforming you from a business owner to a leader.


Business owners run a business.

Leaders Succeed!



"Serena helped me more than I could have asked for. She gave me some fantastic coping mechanisms and made me think about my personal situations in a totally different way. As a result my mental outset is more settled and balanced. I have continued to use these mechanisms and have even helped others by passing on her knowledge. I highly recommend Serena!"

Alice V, Executive Assistant 

"Serena is a fantastic life coach and has really helped me in the sessions we have had to date. She really does listen and provides a clear analysis of what she feels are the problems or areas that are holding me back.


I don't ever feel like Serena is providing 'an off the shelf' solution to my issues, but it feels very bespoke, helped enormously by the fact that she has worked in my industry and completely gets the day to day stresses that come with it !

 I thoroughly recommend engaging with Serena if you are stuck in a rut and need a clear roadmap for your life and business."

Simon P, Founder, Simon Prickett & Associates

"I have worked with business coaches for over 5 years and Serena has been able to help me gain clarity on the future of my business through adjusting my mindset. She has been awesome with following up and holding me accountable to the commitments that I have made for my coaching. Serena has also provided great perspective on business issues that have developed during our time working together."

Tim W, Founder, Watson Engineering Company, Inc

"A few months ago I was at a point in my personal life and professional career where things seemed a bit too much to bear all at once; I needed some help. I didn’t know what to expect, but since that initial visit, I have been meeting with Serena and the things we are working on are really changing my life. She has helped me to use different techniques to change my thoughts and actions to be the best me I can be. The personal growth is exciting, but I know this is just the beginning."

Daryl B, Project Manager, Watson Engineering Company, Inc

"I'm so happy I chose to work with Serena. I had hit a plateau in my business and was stuck at what to do next—now I'm growing so quickly. She helped me get focused again on growth and trying new things. I love Serena's no-nonsense approach—she calls me on my sh*t and doesn't just talk about "feelings" like some coaches do. She's super-practical and fun too!"

Christine K, Clutter Expert, Gaining Space

“As a Coach, Serena is completely approachable and smart.  Funny and caring.  She knows what she’s talking about, especially in the area of business. I have been helped too many times to count with her insightful coaching. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a great coach and who is ready to make amazing changes in their life. I’m truly grateful for the coaching I have received from her.”

Gail C, Retired Firefighter and Paramedic


“When you don't make a commitment you are making a
commitment to stay the same, letting life happen to you. 
STOP living your life by default.

Brooke Castillo, The Life Coaching School

©2020 by Serena Dodd Coaching

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