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"How much time do you spend looking back into your past??"

So much time in the day is wasted by stopping to think about either how we can't do something because of our past or day dreaming about the future and quickly realising that...

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"Nailing the final 10% of your To Do List!"

Make this the day that changes how you view getting jobs done! You know there is something bothering you on that To Do List...


"Take That First Step Because You CAN!"

You have the idea. From there your imagination takes you to wonderful places as this idea comes to fruition in your head. Then about two seconds later come the the...

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"I Believe You"

I believe you.

Tell me you will increase your revenue by 50% in business this year, I believe you.

Tell me you will fail in business...

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"How to Manage Life Working from Home."


"How to Make the Changes you Need to SMASH your Resolutions."

We thrive off instant gratification but anything worth achieving is going to be challenging, arduous and uncertain. Read Serena's no nonsense take...


Personally, I love working from home, but that hasn’t always been the case. There is the initial novelty, which I imagine many are currently experiencing, but it’s the same...