Serena Life Coach

"But wait! I'm a Life Coach, not a Sales Guru!"

Do you ever feel you’re spending more than average time procrastinating about the next step t to get clients?


More than likely you became a life coach because you’ve a huge amount of value you KNOW you could add to someone’s life. And it’s that entire notion that pushed you to study and do the relevant training; it’s that notion that saw you through your first one-on-one coaching session and it’s that notion which motivates you every day to do the hard work. 


There is only one, little, bitty thing in your way…uhhhh yep, you guessed it!


Building your business. 


Yeah, did you get that in the back row? – IT’S BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS!! 


Now suddenly the path you took just went down a crazy, detour route of confusion, frustration and overwhelm, all in one. This really wasn’t part of the plan and, even if it was, it definitely wasn’t meant to absorb so much of your attention. 


So...ask yourself these questions: 


Am I spending most of my day immersing myself in the work I love? 


Or am I procrastinating about the work I just don’t want to do? 

Well, this is my story of that exact, same thought-pattern.

Serena Life Coach

I was visiting family in the Middle East, a place they had only moved to in the last decade. This was a recovery trip for me after yet another grueling 8 months of project work, defined by little sleep, convenience foods (a staple of sandwiches, diet coke and chocolate), a limited social life made up of alcohol and work colleagues. All this accompanied by a permanent state of detachment. 


Simply put - I was existing. 


I lived for the weekends to sleep and focused on the end of the contract. Boom! Another 8 months gone; out of my life! 


Often, I would escape to the sun and see family for a little R&R but this trip was different. This time, after such a long period of existence-living, something was going to change and it was going to be significant. I just didn’t have a clue what! 


As I took my daily walk in the sun, trying to improve my general health and wellbeing, I decided (unenthusiastically, I might add) to divert from the usual pump up jamz to a podcast on career change – I started listening and couldn’t stop. For the first time in ages I was motivated. It didn’t take me very long to discover that I was destined to be a life coach! Books and conversations on self-help had always interested me and often left me feeling euphoric. Discovering the possibility that this is what I could be practicing day in day out was freeing, uplifting and all the great words wrapped up in one. 


How did I not think of this before? 

So that was it: I found an amazing course at The Life Coach School online; I trained; I got certified and from my very first coaching session I just knew this was where I was mean to be.


Now all I had to do was find myself a niche, create a website, tell people and interest would naturally follow; after all I got my first paid client before certification – I could DO this. I’ve owned a business before and I know what it is to work hard.



Hello, Reality!

Serena Life Coach

I quickly realised that even though to be a Life Coach meant a lot of online learning, I’d never intentionally signed up to be a digital expert, or a social media extrovert or even a writer. I mean, how many emails do people need in their inbox, really? 


When I look back, the number of different avenues I took to get clients was madness. These are just some examples:


  • I changed and tweaked the niche so many times

  • I adapted the website so many times

  • I took numerous courses; on online ads, how to sell programmes, confidence classes etc etc


Whenever one thing wasn’t working, I would try another. 


Each thing cost more money. 


Each time I knew I was distracting myself and any work that I was bringing to the business didn’t come with ease. In fact, the opposite was happening; emails were hard to write, articles didn’t flow and often I found myself in a state of overwhelm, confusion and frustration.


 In other words - STUCK! 


Why were others making it work? What was wrong with me? And as for all that other mental crap that comes into your head:


  • “No one really makes any money in their first few years”

  • “Everyone on social media is faking it; they don’t really have that much success”

  • “If I make a plan I probably wouldn’t stick to it, so what’s the point?”

Sound familiar?

Serena Life Coach

One day, as I sat at the kitchen table (a frequent work spot when I am feeling sorry for myself because the fridge is close by), I was in that state of overwhelm, confusion and frustration. 


I knew I loved being a life coach yet all the work around it didn’t seem enjoyable anymore. Those huge bouts of doubt were frequently surging through me, I couldn’t see a clear path to get where I wanted to be financially and there wasn’t enough life-coaching actually filling my day. 


But I hadn’t changed my career simply to give up. I knew if others were doing it – I had every chance of creating a successful business too.


I decided I had had enough.


I made a decision then and there at that kitchen table to hire my own coach. 


At that stage, all I was certain of was that I needed to feel accountable, I needed to have that weekly focus and I made a conscious effort to let go of the HOW!

I made a promise to myself that I’d focus only on the mentoring element that having a coach brings. I knew I was going to be faced with a lot of online distractions and challenges along the way.


But that was OK.


I was willing to do the work.


I created a 12-month plan for myself and got to work, realising I had spent so long complicating everything. If I was finding my work complicated so were all my potential clients.


The answer?

I went simple.

Serena Life Coach

This process wasn’t easy and I still had to manage those doubts and distractions in my head (luckily as a life coach you can do that and, if you can’t on your own, you have others that can help you) but I got simple - from my approach, to my niche, to my content.


Very quickly, I started to create interest, then a following and then clients appeared. I couldn’t believe how was straight forward it had been the whole time and I didn’t even know. 


That’s why I’ve created the First 50K programme especially for you, Life Coaches, because…


I have been there.


I understand the struggles and because I want this process to be as clear and straight forward for you as I made it for myself. And because I know the value of accountability.


Why The First 50K programme?

  • To build STRUCTURE into your day and business 

  • To increase the CONFIDENCE in yourself 

  • To hold you ACCOUNTABLE so you just get the work done


 All this in FIVE simple steps.