Deep inside of you, you know you're meant and capable of more!

I'm Serena!

And I help the hidden high achievers (that's people like you) to ditch their stoppable cycles, step into their unstoppable cycles and ultimately finally get out of their own way and make their dreams a reality.

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This is your sign to get out of your own way and become the

unstoppable successful you!


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You know you're ready for someone to see what you cannot see, to actually help you discover not only why you're in your own way (I call this your stoppable cycle) but how to get out of your own way, move into your Unstoppable Cycle and finally reach the heights and dreams that you've desired for so long now. 

Tired of driving yourself around in circles trying to figure out exactly how and why you're standing in your own way?

Take my free quiz where you'll uncover exactly what block is keeping you in your

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Stoppable Cycle.

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Are you ready to discover how I can help you?

Right now you're hidden and full of frustration.

You know you're capable and destined for so much more. You've collected the qualifications, you've got login information after login information for all of the courses you've purchased, you have folders full of strategy and yet somehow, for some reason that's unbeknown to you, you're still in your own way. 

Sometimes your days are full of procrastination, doubt and self sabotage. Other days you'll have the big rush of motivation, drive and ambition, but it doesn't last. You've tried getting out of your own way on your own, you know you don't need another course or strategy.


Here is where I can help you. 

What Clients Say

"My experience working with Serena was amazing."